• Medill Facilities

    Medill's classes and events are primarily held in the following locations:


    Fisk Hall, Evanston


    McCormick Foundation Center, Evanston


    Louis Hall, Room 226, Evanston


    Chicago Newsroom

    303 E Wacker Dr., Chicago


    Washington, D.C. Newsroom

    1325 G Street NW, Washington, DC


  • Room Reservations

    If you would like to reserve the McCormick Foundation Center Forum for an event or meeting, please contact Catherine Pagone.


    If you would like to reserve a Medill classroom or conference room for an event or meeting, please submit your request through Northwestern's Room & Event System.


    All requests to use Medill space are subject to the rules in Medill's "Room Reservations and Usage Policies" document.


    If you're already coordinating with someone at Medill to organize your event, please do not submit your request through RES unless they instruct you to do so.  Submitting a request while also working with someone can cause confusion and delay the approval of your reservation.


  • Classroom Furniture Configuration

    Medill's classrooms are configured as follows:


    Multiple rows in tiers, fixed seating for 46 people, movable seating for several additional people: MFC 3-119, MFC 3-127


    Seminar-style, movable tables, seating for 30 people:  MFC 3-107


    Single large fixed table, seating for 18 students plus several faculty and guests: MFC 2-107, MFC 2-111, MFC 2-131


    Multiple, movable tables, seating for 18 students plus several faculty and guests: MFC 2-101, Fisk B4, Fisk B11, Fisk 206, Fisk 306, Fisk 307, Fisk 308, Fisk 309


    Multiple, movable tables, seating for 50 students plus several faculty and guests: Fisk 311, Louis 226


    Multiple rows in tiers, fixed seating for 146 people, movable seating for 40 people (special events only): MFC Forum


  • Classroom Software

    Student-use Computers


    All classroom iMac Computers have the following software:

    Adobe Creative Cloud 2015

    Adobe Acrobat Pro

    Filezilla  MS Office 2011

    VLC Media Player  Plus Several key utilities, plugins and web browsers


    Classroom Lectern Computers


    All iMac lectern computers have the following software*:

    Adobe Creative Cloud 2015

    Adobe Acrobat Pro

    Filezilla  MS Office 2011

    VLC Media Player  Skype

    Plus several key utilities, plugins and web browsers


    * In addition, Mac lectern computers located in MFC on the third floor, Forum and Louis 226 also include R.



  • Additional Resources

    In addition to Medill IT and Medill Broadcast, the following departments and services are also important resources:


    NUIT - e-mail, VPN, CAESAR, BlackBoard, wired and wireless networks


    Laptop ER - NUIT's laptop diagnostic service, centered at Norris


    University Library - additional computer labs and photocopying resources


    Adobe Software for Medill Students - Follow this link to purchase Adobe software at a discounted price


    Microsoft, other software for purchase - Microsoft and other manufacturers' titles (except Adobe) are available through this link


    Norris University Center - Laptop ER, the bookstore and on-campus Apple Store and other resources are available at Norris




  • Software Recommendations

    The following software requirements are for both Windows and Mac OS X users, except where noted.


    Minimum Requirements - (MSJ)


    Adobe Creative Cloud (2017)

    MS Office 365 ProPlus

    NU Symantec Endpoint Protection - free download

    VLC Media Player - free download



    Minimum Requirements - (IMC)


    MS Office 365 ProPlus

    IBM SPSS Statistics GradPack - latest version

    NU Symantec Endpoint Protection - free download


    Purchasing Information:


    Microsoft Office 365 is available for free to all active and incoming Northwestern students registered for class in the current or following academic quarter. Download instructions are available at:



    Adobe Creative Cloud (2017) can be purchased through Adobe at a student discount .


    The NU Symantec Endpoint Protection client for Mac or Windows is a free download from the following NUIT website:



    VLC Media Player is a free download from VLC at This will help you view .flv (Flash video) files.


    "If you have any questions about software, please contact the Medill IT Help Desk at or at 847-467-7900, Monday – Thursday, 8:30 a.m. – 8:30 p.m, Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., CST."


    Last update:  5/25/17



  • Video and Audio Kit

    BSJ and MSJ students have the option of checking out a basic video and audio kit for use in all classes that require basic video and audio gathering.  If you would like to purchase your own basic video and audio kit, the following equipment is recommended:


        Apple iPhone (current generation) or 32GB iPod Touch (current generation)

        Joby GripTight GorillaPod Stand

        Sound Professionals iPhone Reporter Kit lavalier microphone and audio breakout cable

        (available at; we recommend the version

        with the 78" or 120" cable, but other lengths are also available)



     You may also consider the following optional accessories:


        OtterBox Defender Series Case (choose the version that is compatible with the recommended iPhone or iPod Touch) - for added

        protection of your iPhone or iPod Touch

        Ruggard Commando 25 Shoulder Bag - carrying case to store and carry your video and audio kit



     We recommend that you shop around and compare prices before you purchase your equipment.



     If you have questions about video / audio kit equipment, please contact:


    Jonathan Love

    Teaching Technologies Specialist



    Rachel Venegas

    Teaching Technologies Specialist





    Updated September 09, 2013



  • Laptop Specifications

    Medill coursework in video, design, photography, slideshow creation, or audio editing requires the use of Adobe Creative Cloud software (Premiere Pro, InDesign, Photoshop, Prelude, Audition, Illustrator, etc.) and a powerful laptop computer is needed to run this software.  Unfortunately, most entry-level laptops will not effectively run the Adobe Creative Cloud Software which you will use in your Medill classes.


    We also recommend the higher-end specs that we do so that the laptop you purchase now will last you through your entire education at Medill as well as into the start of your career.


    For technical specifications, please visit Adobe's specifications page to ensure that your laptop meets their minimum standards.   Here you will find the specifications for their most demanding software Medill uses (Premiere Pro).

  • External Hard Drives

    1 TB or larger, SSD or 7200 RPM, USB 3, Mac users should pay attention to whether they need a USB-C to USB 3 cable.

  • Configuring Your Computer For Use at Medill

    Below you will find links for everything that we will be going over during the Computing at Medill session.


    Mapping a Network Printer

    Please see Connecting to a Network Printer for instructions.


    Symantec Endpoint Protection (Anti-virus)

    Anti-virus software will keep your laptop and peripherals clean and safe. You need it. Even if you're a Mac user.  Download and install the software from NUIT's SEP page.


    Northwestern VPN Configuration

    The Northwestern Virtual Private Network (VPN) is used as a secure "tunnel" to campus resources and protected sites. If you are on the Internet at an off-campus location (Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, your apartment, etc.) or the dorms, you will need to enable the VPN to access many Medill services such as the Editorial server or the Medill Content Management System.


    For Windows:

    Install and configure the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client.


    For Mac OS X:

    Configure the native Mac OS X VPN interface manually.



    If you're a broadcast student, CNN Newsource works best in Firefox.  You can download it here.


    VLC Media Player

    The VLC Media Player is a powerful media player, Web stream player and file conversion program. Download it, install it and make sure automatic updates are turned on.



    If you plan to do website design and construction, you'll probably need a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client. Download FileZilla; it works well on Mac and PC.


    NU Software Purchasing Site

    If you still haven't purchased all of your software, visit the following sites:

    Adobe Software for Medill Students

    Microsoft Office and other titles for Medill Students





  • Connect to a Network Printer


    Printer Models and IP Addresses

    It appears you don't have Adobe Reader or PDF support in this web browser.

    Click here to download the PDF

    It appears you don't have Adobe Reader or PDF support in this web browser.

    Click here to download the PDF
  • Safely Disconnect a Removable Storage Device

    When using removable storage (an external hard drive, memory card or USB stick), it is important to unmount, or eject, the device before unplugging it from your computer.  Failure to do so can result in lost data or corruption of the entire device, making it unusable.


    On a Mac, click and hold the removable storage device and drag it to your Trash Can (in your Dock at the bottom of the screen); as you’re doing this, the Trash Can icon will turn into an eject icon.  When your device’s icon disappears from the screen, it is safe to remove it from your computer.


    On a PC, left-click on the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the system tray, by the clock.




    If you don’t see the Safely Remove hardware icon, click on the More Items icon (the up arrows at the left end of the system tray) to see more options, including Safely Remove Hardware. Left-clicking on the icon will bring up a menu with a list of devices that can be safely removed.




    Select your desired device from that menu and click on it.  After a few seconds, you’ll receive a popup message from Windows saying it is safe to disconnect that device from your computer.


  • Keeping Your Data Secure

    NUIT has taken many measures and developed a number of tutorials on keeping your electronic data safe; visit the security portion of their website for detailed information and instructions.



  • Change Settings in the E-Mail Defense System

    In addition to the junk mail filter in your e-mail client (Outlook, etc.), NUIT also screens all incoming messages for viruses and spam using the E-mail Defense System (EDS).


    Most users will never have to make adjustments to EDS; however, if you wish to opt-out or need to make adjustments to your settings, visit for complete instructions.


How to Clean a Computer Monitor


Medill IT is happy to help you clean faculty, staff or computer lab monitors; if you call 7-7900 or visit Fisk 301, we're available to assist you.


If you’re trying to clean a monitor after hours or trying to clean the monitor of your own (non-Medill) computer, please follow these steps:


The best way to clean a monitor is with a microfiber cleaning cloth; these remove dust and dirt without having to add any cleaning chemicals to the cloth.


If you don’t have access to a microfiber cloth, you can lightly dampen a soft, clean cloth with water, isopropyl alcohol or a specially-formulated flat-panel monitor cleaner.  Never use methyl or ethyl alcohol, benzene, thinner, ammonia, abrasive cleaners, or compressed air; these substances could damage the crystals that make up the flat panel display.  Never spray the cleaner directly onto the monitor; excess cleaner can seep beyond the bezel and damage the electronics inside your monitor.


To clean the monitor cabinet or the computer tower, use a cloth lightly dampened with a mild detergent.  You can stubborn stains from the cabinet with a cloth lightly dampened in isopropyl alcohol.  Do not use benzene, thinner, ammonia, abrasive cleaners, or compressed air.






  • How do I connect to the Northwestern wireless network on campus?

    Detailed step-by-step instructions for connecting to the Northwestern wireless network are available on this page of NUIT's website. Go to Page.

  • How do I send an attachment using the Outlook Web Application (OWA)?

    Once you've logged into the Outlook Web Application and created a new message, you can follow these instructions from NUIT on sending attachments.


    You can also view NUIT's full instructions on OWA if necessary.

  • Is it okay to save files overnight on lab computers?

    No. If one of the lab machines develops a hardware or software problem, all data is erased and/or the hardware replaced without advanced warning. Plus, if multiple people are storing large amounts of data on the same machine, the hard drive will fill up and no one will be able to do more than basic tasks on that machine until someone deletes their data or IT deletes all of the data, also without advanced warning. You should store your data on removable media or upload it to the Internet, e-mail or a network storage device.
  • Should I Bring a PC or a Mac to Medill?

    You are free to bring either a Windows machine or a Mac OS X machine to Medill; we support both platforms.  Choose the platform you are most comfortable with.

  • What is a VPN connection?

    VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A VPN connection is used to secure communications between two points while communicating over an unsecured Internet connection. A VPN connection is established "on top of" an Internet connection; you must have Internet access before you can connect to VPN. VPN connections are used at Northwestern to allow off-campus users to access restricted resources. Please visit this page on NUIT's website for more information and instructions on configuring and connecting to Northwestern's VPN resources.
  • What Locations at Medill have Wireless Internet Access?

    The following locations have wireless access: McCormick Foundation Center (MFC): Entire 1st floor (lobby area and Forum) Entire 2nd floor Entire 3rd floor Entire 4th floor Fisk Hall: Entire 1st floor Entire 2nd floor Entire 3rd floor Basement-level classrooms and Graduate Student Lounge. Chicago Newsroom, (Clark Adams Building): entire newsroom (2nd floor) Please visit for information on connecting to wireless on campus.
  • Where can I find extra paper for Medill lab printers?

    Paper for the MFC 2nd-floor lab printers is in MFC 2-135 (the copy room). If the room is locked, please see Judy McCoy in 2-133. Paper for the Fisk lab printers is in room 204 on the second floor or in room 301 on the third floor. Louis 226 and the 3rd and 4th floors of MFC should have paper stored in the nearby cabinetry. In Chicago, please see Lesa Lee in the reception area.
  • How can I schedule a Mediasite recording?

    First, make sure that you reserve one of the Mediasite ready classrooms (MFC Forum, MFC 3-119, MFC 3-127, Chicago 211). After you reserve the space, fill-out the Medill Mediasite Recording request form. You will receive a confirmation along with any questions regarding the recording event within 1-2 business days from the Medill Mediasite Administator.

  • I keep getting the error “Invalid Username/Password” when I try to login to view a Mediasite presentation. What should I do?

    If you are not a Medill student, faculty or staff member your NU issued netID and password will not give you access to Medill protected presentations. You will need to contact the Medill Systems Administrator at 847-467-7900 to be given access. Once given access you will need to reset your password. If you are a Medill student try resetting your password.
  • I’m trying to view a Mediasite presentation, but when the presentation opens the video doesn’t play and inside the video box it just says “Waiting.” What should I do?

    First, confirm that your device meets the requirements to view a Mediasite presentation by going to If your device meets the requirements check to see if Microsoft Silverlight is installed and updated to the current version Microsoft Silverlight. Also, make sure that the Silverlight plug-in is enabled in your browser. For Google Chrome go to your browser menu-> More tools-> Extensions->Settings->Advanced Settings->Privacy Content Settings->Plug-ins->Choose Run Automatically For Firefox go to you browser menu->Add-ons->Plug-ins->Microsoft Silverlight->Always Activate For Safari go to your browser menu->Help->Installed Plug-ins->Check that Microsoft Silverlight is active
  • Is Mediasite an interactive technology?

    Mediasite is only interactive via its Audience Interaction buttons on the Mediasite Player interface. Using these buttons a viewer can participate in an instant messaging style Q&A with the presenter, answer Poll questions, view links to related materials, select presentation chapters and share presentation bookmarks that have all been created by the presenter prior to the presentation. There is no direct video or audio interaction between the presenter and viewers via Mediasite.

  • What is Mediasite?

    Mediasite is a lecture capture technology that allows an instructor to easily video record their lecture(s) at selected locations on campus (MFC Forum, MFC 3-119, MFC 3-127, Chicago 211). The Mediasite recorder captures video, audio and the presenter’s slides. Once a lecture is captured it is published to an in-house streaming server that creates a link for the recorded presentation. Links can either require a Northwestern University login or are open to everyone. You can view the streamed content on your desktop, laptop or through the Mediasite App on your mobile devices.

  • When I open a Mediasite presentation I get the error message: “The presentation is not currently available. Please try again later. If the problem persists, contact your Mediasite system administrator.” What should I do?

    This means that the presentation has not finished uploading to the Mediasite server, so you will not be able to view the presentation until this process is completed. Please allow at least an hour after a live presentation has ended for the video and slides to upload before trying to view it via the provided link.   If the problem persists, contact the Medill Help Desk by sending a e-mail to

  • When a Mediasite presentation opens I get the error message: Media Error – An error occurred while attempting to play the media for this presentation. What should I do?

    Clear your browser history. Then close and then re-open the browser. The presentation should now play.