The director is responsible for executing the overall look of the show based on the producer's rundown. He or she will enter camera and playback commands into the rundown prior to the show and will call the commands for playback, switching, audio and cue talent during the program.
The playback operator is responsible for creating the playlists for the show based on the commands entered in the rundown by the director prior to the program. He or she executes the playback commands during the show and will give countdowns on the time remaining in each clip.


The forum tech aide is responsible for low level basic support of the MFC Forum. This may consist of distributing and collecting microphones, assisting clients to setup of their multimedia presentations and videos, demonstrating the basic lighting controls and closing the space.
The technical director is responsible for executing the visual commands from the director during the program using a video switcher. He or she is also responsible for pressing the record button on the record deck.
The graphics operator is responsible for building graphics for the show. Most graphics are now done by editors and producers but there may be a need for a double anchor and/or full screen graphic. He or she will advance the graphics during the live program.
The audio engineer is responsible for checking microphone and playback levels of all sources inputted into the mixer and confirm audio output to all sources prior to shows. He or she will execute all audio commands during the show.
The floor director is responsible for making sure the microphones are in place prior to the show. He or she will make sure all cameras are composed correctly, communicate to in studio personnel and cue talent during the live program.